• 31/08/2009
    UAV flies with heavy fuel motor

    At 12.30pm on 31 Aug 2009 a Nostromo Defensa S.A. Yarara completed its maiden flight powered by a Cubewano Ltd Sonic 35 Heavy Fuel motor.

    This signifies the first kerosene operated rotary engine UAS / UAV  fully operational status flight in history. In this case the kerosene grade was military specification JP8 but Jet-A1, Jet-A,  common heating oil or indeed gasoline could have been used.

    This achievement, which is a collaborative effort between Argentinean Nostromo Defensa of Alta Gracia, Cordoba and British Cubewano of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham is a significant first for the industry. The combination of the mature, professional and flexible Yarara platform and the low vibration, multi-fuel technology developed by Cubewano presents a formidable and unique opportunity to the worlds defense operators to enter a new era of small UAS / UAV sophistication.

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